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News: Saints of Valory to open for Mumford and Sons

13 Aug 2012

written by Shannon D

News: Austin Band Saints of Valory to Open for Mumford and Sons
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Austin-based indie rock band Saints of Valory burst onto the music scene in 2010 and have risen to Austin music elite in just a short time. Now, the guys are set to gain even more nationwide attention as they will open for popular British folk rock band Mumford and Sons at Jazz Aspen Snowmass on Labor Day. The guys are pretty pumped at this incredible opportunity.”We are very excited. Mumford and Sons is a great band and we admire them a ton.”

Frontman Gavin Jasper, guitarist Godfrey Thomson, drummer Gerard Bouvier and keyboardist Stephen Buckle formed in late 2009 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but decided to launch out of Austin in September 2010 following their experience at SXSW.

Since then, Saints of Valory have become one of Austin’s most well-known bands and have gained an intense local and national following, performing at DeLuna Fest in 2011 and SXSW in both 2011 and 2012. The guys are ever appreciative of their fans.”They have been incredibly supportive and have helped us spread the music in Austin. It’s entirely a grass roots movement as we have not had the air play in Austin that we’ve had in other cities nationwide. This is a testament to our amazing fans here in Austin.”

The guys were the Southwest region finalist at the 2012 Billboard Battle of the Bands. Check out one of their live performances during the contest in Las Vegas. Also, notice the intro…yep Taio Cruz hosted the battle and provided mentorship to the bands. Really, Taio Cruz? Also, they are rocking some cool looking old style jackets.

The band released their debut EP The Bright Lights back in 2010, which was followed up by some heavy touring. The songs “Providence” and “Dear Ivy” also garnered significant radio play nationally.”We’ve been touring steadily ever since our first EP The Bright Lights came out in December 2010, just trying to play as many solid shows as we can. So that time put into touring really helps get your name out there.“ The band just released their latest EP Kids in May of this year.

Saints of Valory’s international roots are reflected in their music, which melds emotional lyrics and catchy melodies to create an eclectic yet accessible sound. Opening for Mumford and Sons, along with performing in front of 9000 people at Jazz Aspen Snowmass, will further solidify Saints of Valory as a band to be reckoned with on a national scale.  ”We’ve been lucky to have the right people see us at the right shows, people that have helped us take those next steps a band needs to take. So we’re excited where this all leads, can’t wait for 2013!”

Before performing with Mumford and Sons, Saints of Valory will be at Stubb’s on Aug. 24.

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